Our Brugmansia seeds are always hybrids as the parent plants are not self-fertile. Up to 5 packets of seeds can be sent, in the same envelope, starting from 4.50 Euros.  50 cents per extra packet of seeds. All seeds are sent in padded envelopes to save the seeds from being crushed.

Soak the seeds overnight in tepid water and plant in a seed container in the appropriate seed compost. Water and cover gently with cling film. Place in a warm area of 20 degrees plus.  Seeds should germinate within 4 to six weeks. Once the seedlings have produced 4 small leaves carefully transplant. Again keep these seedlings in a temperate area and grown on.  If successful you can expect the new plants to produce flower buds in 18 to 24 months.  The results can be very rewarding, or again very disappointing.  It is pot luck.  But, who knows.


We can produce rooted cuttings, but the problem is the post. It is bad enough when clients do not receive there $2.99 packet of seeds and expect us to resend replacements at our cost.  Lost or crushed in the post.  95 percent of packets arrive safely, but for the 5% that is lost; this causes more anxiety than what it is worth.



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